L’Équipe de direction

L’Équipe de direction

Rencontrez notre équipe de direction composée de professionnels qui excellent dans leurs domaines respectifs.

Evaco Group
  • Arnaud Mayer
    Chairman & Founder
  • Karen Angus
    Deputy CEO
  • Norbert Couvreur
    Country CEO – Croatia

  • William Martin
    Sales & Marketing Director
  • Antoinette Perrine
    Group Head of Finance
  • Lauriane Pallany
    Group Head of Human Resources & Administration
Evaco Corporate Services
  • Thomas Empeigne
    Head of Sustainability
    Head of Project Development
  • Thierry Moses
    Head of ICT & Digital
  • Keshav Goburdhun
    Head Cost Estimator
  • Bianka Bhugon
    Head of Internal Audit
  • Satish Venkatasamy
    Group Accountant
  • Darshan Roopun
    Legal Manager
  • Ludovic Ambroise
    Human Resources Manager
  • Sundeep Toolaseeram
    Human Resources Manager

Evaco Corporate

Evaco Marketing
  • Yogeshen Aroonachellum
    Creative Marketing Manager
  • Jean-luc Tuyau
    Web Solutions Manager
  • Kevin Aroule
    Digital Marketing Manager


Evaco Property
  • Bénédicte Duvivier
    Head of Sales
    Yashwant Tohooloo
    Head of Project Management
    Sharone Lapierre Keblé
    Client Support Manager


Fine & Country
  • Maxwell Ternel
    General Manager
Histia Services
  • Maxwell Ternel
    General Manager
  • Catherine Lemière-Zuffour
    Business Development Manager
  • Rishikesh Brojmohun
    General Manager
Evolution Architect
  • Rishikesh Brojmohun
    General Manager
  • Alexandre Roubaud
    Head of Architecture
  • Rakesh Ramessur
    General Manager
  • Nadeem Beebeejaun
    Finance Manager
  • Salmaan Joomratee
    Human Resources Manager

  • Hemisha Hurnaum
    Compliance Manager


  • Sarind Bundhoo
    General Manager
  • Marine Juillan
    General Manager
FineLine Contracting
  • Gary Havenga
    Head of Operations
  • Patrick Rioux
    Floor Manager (Wood)
  • Ravi Kathiresan
    Floor Manager (Electric)
  • Jay Luchoomun
    Project Manager
  • Mark Green-Thompson
    QA/QC Manager
  • Jérôme Avice
    Business Development Manager
Evaco Beach Club
  • François Guiseppi
    General Manager