ESG stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance” and is more of a stakeholder approach. ESG is based on the principle that the environment is only one factor in determining a company’s commitment to sustainability. As ESG becomes an increasingly high priority for directors and administrators, it is critical to consider the global nuances that drive priorities region by region. Companies that meet environmental, social and governance standards agree to behave ethically in those three areas and can take advantage of a range of ESG strategies, tactics and solutions.

Evaco Group is the First Property Developer in Mauritius to have undertaken the scoring by an external rating agency licensed by the FSC.


At Evaco, we have always been concerned and focused on ensuring that we were investing and conducting our business in a sustainable manner. Our aim is to provide long-term value to our shareholders and stakeholders while trying to minimize the production of any negative impact on the environment or society. We are convinced that all our stakeholders and investors are now more socially conscious and that they need to know our Group’s stance on socio-economic factors together with our various sustainability efforts.

By embarking on the ESG adventure, we are committing ourselves to:

  • Carefully consider all the factors that might impact our environment, our people and the community whilst observing the highest standards of ethics. We want to ensure that our imprint and legacy are respectful of the social, community and environmental aspects of all projects undertaken by Evaco Group.
  • Create communication channels to gather and disseminate information for the improvement of our operating methods as well as being transparent about all ESG-related initiatives taken by Evaco Group.
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Evaco’s commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated not only in the products we sell but also in the way we operate. We design our products for durability with an emphasis on continuously reducing our carbon footprint. Our new project development Nautica Villas is an inspirational model of sustainable living with an off-grid solar system. This eco-friendly villa has been designed to minimise pollution and energy losses. Our engineers, architects and construction team worked together on this innovative concept and its bioclimatic architecture. Its plan has been adapted to its environment, focusing on natural ventilation, eco-label materials and products, and the use of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting.


Evaco strives to be socially responsible by supporting the well-being of the communities and employees where we operate. Established in 2020, Evaco Foundation supports non-governmental organisations to promote the social integration of the community with an action plan based on the Evaco Group's inherent values: trust, ingenuity, passion and excellence. We accompany several Associations in the Northern regions. In addition, we have worked on a developmental framework for our internal employees. We want to promote their professional and personal development, thereby enabling them to support the organisation in all the actions that they will undertake.


Our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices are built upon a solid foundation of good governance. We want a working environment governed by ethical behaviors, both from our direct and indirect stakeholders. By constantly promoting ethics and integrity in our day-to-day lives, we are safeguarding the image of the Evaco Group, putting forward and living by our values to the fullest, protecting our stakeholders and the community at large.

Evaco Group is committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants and employees.


An ESG assessment was conducted based on publicly available information. All the indicators across Environment, Social and Governance themes were scored according to CareEdge’s proprietary ESG framework for the real estate sector.

Evaco Group’s ESG assessment has been done by doing a comparison with the peers below as there are no other Property Developers that have been assessed in Mauritius.

  • Hines Group (Australia)
  • Emaar Properties (Dubai)
  • Nexity (France)
  • LODHA (Macrotech Developers) (India)
  • DLF (India)

Evaco Group is the First Property Developer that has been ESG Assessed in Mauritius.

CareEdge Research initiates ESG Assessment
for Evaco Group at Grade 3 on 7.

CareEdge ESG 3 implies that we are above the Average. The group will further strengthen its key performance metrics to reach at Grade 1 by next year within all the three pillars.

Who is CareEdge Ratings?

CareEdge Ratings (CARE Ratings Ltd) began operations in April 1993 and has established itself as a leading rating agency in India in nearly three decades. It also owns a subsidiary in Mauritius ‘CareEdge Ratings (Africa) Private Limited (CRAF)’. CareEdge Ratings has become the leader agency to cover many rating segments including manufacturing, infrastructure, financial sector including banks, non-financial services, and more.

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