Management Team

Management team

Meet our management team – each bringing their knowledge and expertise to their respective business line.

Evaco Corporate
  • Arnaud Mayer
    Chairman & Founder
  • Alexandre Gourel de St Pern
    Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Karen Angus
    Chief Operating Officer (Property)
    Group Marketing & Sales Director
  • Norbert Couvreur
    Country CEO – Croatia
  • Antoinette Perrine
    Group Head of Finance
  • Lauriane Pallany
    Group Head of Human Resources & Administration
Evaco Corporate Services
  • Thierry Moses
    Head of ICT & Digital
  • Bianka Bhugon
    Head of Internal Audit
  • Satish Venkatasamy
    Group Accountant

Evaco Corporate

Evaco Marketing
  • Yogeshen Aroonachellum
    3D Manager
  • Ovani Umanee
    Communication Manager
  • Yoven Chinasamban
    Marketing Project Manager
  • Kevin Dahari
    Digital Marketing Manager

Evaco Marketing

Evaco Property
  • Bénédicte Duvivier
    Head of Sales
    Anna Swiecka
    Head of International Sales
    Thomas Empeigne
    Project Development Manager
    Sharone Lapierre Keblé
    Client Support Manager
    Shashi Keenoo
    Project Manager
    Yashwant Tohooloo
    Project Manager


Fine & Country
  • Sharma Soneechora
    Property Rental Manager
Histia Services
  • Thomas Boisset
    Business Operations Manager
  • Vippin Thancanamootoo
    Operations Manager
  • Josian Fabre
    Maintenance Manager
  • Yannick Apoolingum
    Finance Executive
  • Rishikesh Brojmohun
    General Manager
Evolution Architect
  • Rishikesh Brojmohun
    General Manager
  • Alexandre Roubaud
    Head of Architecture
  • Rakesh Ramessur
    Deputy General Manager
  • Joyce Kut
    Finance Manager
  • Jayan Jagooah
    Site Manager (Project)
  • Chetadev Jugun
    Site Manager
  • Lawekushalsingh Ramphul
    Site Manager

  • Rajeshwar Mancoo
    Operations Manager Cum Company Secretary
  • Aziza Moraby
    Company Secretary


  • Sarind Bundhoo
    Operations Manager
  • Dooshan Nowjee
    Procurement Executive
FineLine Contracting
  • Stéphanie Malabar
    Head of Operations
  • Patrick Rioux
    Floor Manager (Wood)
  • Hans Neeliah
    Floor Manager (Alu)
  • Ravi Kathiresan
    Floor Manager (Electric)
  • Jay Luchoomun
    Project Manager
  • Mark Green-Thompson
    QA/QC Manager
  • Jérôme Avice
    Business Development Manager
Evaco Beach Club
  • Barbara Trautmann
    Events & Guest Manager